Grimes // Miss Anthropocene

By Kale Clark / Instagram: @dxnce4u

Grimes has made a comeback with her fifth studio album, Miss Anthropocene.  The album features eleven tracks and a deluxe version with four additional tracks (club mixes, shortened versions, etc.). Before the album release, Grimes released six singles, including We Appreciate Power, Violence, So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth, My Name is Dark, 4ÆM, and Delete Forever

With a theme of a post-apocalyptic world, this is Grimes’ most exciting release yet.  She has stated that she “wanted to make climate change fun”, which is an interesting yet effective take on bringing awareness to the issue.  Each track has its own unique sound, some being angry and make you want to bring about world destruction, and others that make you want to fall in love even though you know it’s doomed. 

Some of my favorite tracks from the album are Delete Forever and IDORU, both guaranteed to get you in your feels.  Delete Forever steers in a different direction from the rest of the album, with a folksy pop sound. Grimes released the song with a simple yet stunning music video, with stunning otherworldly visuals.  In her interview with Zane Lowe, she stated that the song was inspired by the untimely death of other artists like Lil Peep and Juice WRLD due to opioid addictions.  In Grimes’ opinion, these two artists “were best expressing issues of mental health, so to have them die specifically just feels like a weird hopelessness.”  IDORU is an upbeat, ethereal, melancholy love song, and you will probably cry to it on repeat at some point in your life (at least I have).  Grimes released a visual for the song as a way to express her appreciation for her fans, since it seemed to be a favorite. On Instagram, she stated that “technically this was a camera test that ended up being a weirdly emotional performance.” 


Listen to Miss Anthropocene on Spotify and Apple Music.


Kale is a student at College of Charleston majoring in Arts Management with a concentration in the music industry. She plans to move to LA after graduation to start her career in creative direction. Once well established, her goal is to start a nonprofit organization that creates a space for trans and non binary people to create and display their art and gain recognition in the industry.

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