What Does it Take to Make it?

By Margie Hussey // Instagram @margie_hussey

What is more important: stage presence or vocal talent? I truly believe it depends on the artist. Some artists have a combination of both onstage charisma and a beautiful voice, while others rely on one or the other to get by. 

This topic is subjective based on the audience and genre of music. While I would say Taylor Swift dominates all sides of performing from her lyrics, sound, performance, videos, and social media, others would say she gets more attention from starting drama, which is how I feel about Kanye West. Artists in the pop/rap/rock world feel more pressure to dramatize their live performances to cause more of a splash, while alternative/folk/indie bands are more inclined to keep things simple. It depends on what you like to see and hear. 

I appreciate when an artist can just stand in a spotlight, sing beautifully, and totally wow the audience; however, I can also appreciate singers that have elaborate costuming and choreography. When it comes down to raw talent, I judge artists on their ability to tell stories through music.

Stripping a performance of its gimmicks and extra add-ons is really telling of how talented an artist is. If an artist can do all of the above, they are unstoppable.

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