"What Kinda Music" by Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes Single Review

By Coleman Gould // Insta – @cole_gould

As an avid Tom Misch listener, fan, and appreciator for over half a decade, I was incredibly pleased by his and drum virtuoso, Yussef Dayes, new single “What Kinda Music.” The song begins with an arpeggiated riff with out of time and alarming tom-hits from Dayes. Then, Dayes smacks you in the face with what he is famous for, a complex and powerful drum beat differing heavily from Misch’s typical bare-bones, “Boom Bap” style. 

The song is filled with curious and deep lyricism covering angst, confusion, and inner demons accompanied by heavy bass synthesizers that can be compared to a crossover of BadBadNotGood’s neo-jazz sound and LCD Soundsystem’s electricity. As their first single released for the duo’s forthcoming album of the same name, Dayes and Misch seem like a match made in heaven.

Misch, a consument jazz, soul, and hip-hop influenced and trained guitarist, decided to get out of his comfort zone for this single. Misch’s previous albums featured J-Dilla-influenced drum loops along side simple, catchy hooks and guitar phrases giving him a very laid-back ambient sound. Misch, known as a very respected and technical guitarist, focused more on his composing and songwriting rather than his trademark sexy guitar licks and simple yet tasty lyricism. 

Dayes, a freelance drummer and member of neo-jazz jam group Yussef Kamaal, is considered to be one of the most creative and explosive drummers of our generation. 

Although many have seen this album from the two coming from various Instagram teases featuring the two bountifully jamming for the past couple months, the pairing Misch and Dayes is both riveting and agape. Dayes’ loose, jam style drumming compliments Misch’s technical playing like peanut butter compliments jelly. I personally cannot wait to listen to this duo’s album, the two being my favorite guitar player and drummer currently. Their album is projected to be released on April 24, 2020 and a tour featuring the two should be announced any day now.

Coleman Gould is Junior at the College of Charleston majoring in Arts Management with a Concentration in the Music Industry. He is Lead Guitarist of local Charleston band, Tennis Courts.

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